Mi5 in Shanghai: International Sourcing Fair

Last September we had the amazing opportunity to showcase Mi5 in China, the farthest it has travelled until now. We were invited by IAIT (Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology) to join their stand in the International Sourcing Fair in Shanghai together with several other companies working in the field of Industry 4.0.

IAIT is an institute that aims to connect the German industry with china by bringing state of the art production and educational methods from Germany to China.

Our role in the fair was to present Mi5 as an educational best practice in providing hands-on experience to students as well as integrating them in the industry early on. To do so we decided to bring the cocktail module with us and virtually simulate the other modules to provide the complete hybrid demonstration.

Already in Shanghai we were greeted by the representatives of IAIT in China (Thomas and Marco) as well as the organizing team of IAIT’s section in the fair. The days prior to the fair we spent some time with team in their offices arranging everything we needed for the fair. It was really interesting to see the different working dynamics present in Chinese workspaces and in particular experience in our own flesh how the German approach can come together with the Chinese.

During the fair our main role was to convey the concept of Industry 4.0 and Education 2.0 to visitors, which ranged from Chinese industrial company representatives to university students. The demonstrator, the Kinect and the Mindstorms did the trick to attract the curious visitors who were fascinated when they discovered it had all been programmed and built by students.

Apart from the working culture we also got to experience Shanghai and the tremendous cultural variety that it has to offer, the gastronomy, architecture, art, teahouses and some of the best leisure activities in town ?

This opportunity not only allowed us to make a big number of connections that can allow ITQ and Mi5 to expand to China, but it also broadened our vision and the Chinese visitors vision by showing each other different approaches to manufacturing and educating students. China has proven to be a huge emerging market not only for Industry 4.0 but also for Education 2.0.