smart4i Digital Twin 2017-11-15T12:38:47+01:00

Project Description

The smart4i Demonstrator makes Industrie 4.0 tangible and manufacturing processes can be made Industrie-4.0-compatible by efficient use and combination of technological components. With the smart4i Demonstrator, customers have the chance to order an individualized power bank. Color, wrapping, and label can be adapted to the customer’s personal preferences. The order is processed immediately and the selected parameter values passed to the modules.

The specialty of the Demonstrator is the consistent crosslinking from the Cloud to the field devices, which is ensured at any time by uniform interfaces (OPC UA) and information models. With the smart4i Digital Twin, it is now even easier as it facilitates the handling of the smart4i demonstrator: Through its digital twin it is possible to manage the system from everywhere as soon as there is a stable internet connection.

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