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Project Description

Our new airhockey demonstrator was developed in close cooperation with our partners from AMK Group as well as Aalen University.
The basic idea was born during an event in May 2017.  The aim is to expand the range of IoT and automation-related demonstrators that represent the already existing ubiquity of IoT in our daily lives. Considering the technical features of the airhockey demonstrator, the overall goal is a completely PLC controlled simulation as well as real models of the drives.

With regard to the software components, there is a user interface panel, a controller and a puck detector (all located in Munich), a puck positioning and shooting, a puck collector (located in Aalen) as well as a support system (Munich). The first presentation was during the SPS IPC Drives 2017, where visitors were able to challenge an AI-Player on one simulated half.

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