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Mi5 – Making Engineering Tangible

Can you transfer engineering into something that is tangible – especially for young people?
The answer is: Yes, it is possible with our mission Mi5.

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Our new airhockey demonstrator was developed in close cooperation with our partners from AMK Group as well as Aalen University. The basic idea was born during an event in [...]



The smart4i Demonstrator makes Industrie 4.0 tangible and shows that even today, manufacturing processes can be made Industrie-4.0-compatible by efficient use and combination of technological components. With the smart4i Demonstrator, customers have the [...]

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3005, 2017

Mi5 in Shanghai: International Sourcing Fair

Last September we had the amazing opportunity to showcase Mi5 in China, the farthest it has travelled until now. We were invited by IAIT (Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology) to join their stand in [...]

Why not? That’s what we asked ourselves when developing our newest gadget: The Virtual Showcase Mi5. It does all the same as the real one, except for its now only bits and bytes and none of the real cookies and cocktails comes out. However, it has some nice features:

  • It is very portable: Built on wheels and completely integrated
  • All monitors are connected to only two computers, and it can be controlled with one keyboard and one mouse.
  • Software-updates can easily be tested, before it is ported on the real Showcase Mi5.
  • Perfect test machine for real-world application customers.
  • Test all kind of touch application thanks to our multi-touch panels.

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Inspired by some new management techniques, we summarized our previous efforts in one final meeting. In a collegial atmosphere, we stood together, drank coffee and cookies (no cocktails today) and mused about worldly issues. To grab our thoughts and put them in a more orderly fashion, we covered the tables with a paper table-cloth and distributed pencils to every table. In this fashion we put down:

  • Things we want to do better in the next step
  • Concrete ideas how to make something better
  • Whatever we could think of, that has something to do with the project.

For example, you can see on the left side an idea that is called FiVe. It gives five points that should be done for every new team member:

  1. Vertrag (eng. contract) – Figure out the details for a new team member regarding his personal contract with ITQ (working student, free team member, etc.)
  2. Vorstellung (eng. introduction) – Introduce the team member to the consultants in ITQ and to the office. Futher to all the Mi5 team members of course
  3. Verteiler (eng. emails) – Make sure, that the new team member gets all information!
  4. Verantwortung (eng. responsibility) – Define what the new team members capabilites and thus responsibilietes are
  5. Vorraussetzung (eng. prerequisites) – What the new team member needs to add to the team: initiative!

There we have also collected information to the following points, that I will sum up here shortly:

  • brainstorming needs to be shorter and at defined points
  • leadership organization according to abilietes
  • email to everybody difficult, often only 50% read and address the emails
  • targets in redmine need to be reachable
  • communication coach for the team
  • weekly meetings: figure out if the whole team needs to hear something or more the module part
  • mentor for new team members is good
  • more open reviews

Below you find our results. It is the same picture flipped by 180 degrees.

This weekend, Mi5 presents itself at the open house of the federal government of Germany. We are located at the inner yard of the federal press office to give the visitors an understanding of what Industry 4.0 means.

The hot weather brings a lot of thirsty visitors to us who want to cool themselves with a refreshing cocktail. And we deliver. As a novelty we also cool down our beverages.

Additionally, young and old are delighted by our children’s zoo. New animals await our visitors. Thanks to the digital revolution it is now even possible to encounter predators completely risk-free. Our crocodile and cobra will not mean any harm to anybody although they might behave like real ones and try to bite you.

See also the article about us on the homepage of the federal government:


Project Mi5 is launching the next iteration. We will do a european Hackathon with students from Aalen, Vienna, Barcelona and Vic.

The date is Friday March 11, and Saturday March 12 of 2016.

If you are interested, leave us a comment below or send us via our contact form.

If you want, you can also attach a short CV or give a short description of yourself.

12 hours and 33 minutes are over now. 20 more to go.

It is an awesome lot of students. The enthusiasm is unbroken, and we all want to make our prototyp working.

Of course, it is also necessary to look after the personal health and eat some pizza.

We are working on the following projects:

  • Team CoolPanda: Realizing a prototype for an ice-dosing module
  • Team ÜMUN: working on a RFID tag mover flag
  • Team PIG: Prototyping a cup cleaning machine
  • Team NoUFO: Automate user input for higher producitvity

Since Project Mi5 is all about modern education, we also support soon-to-be engineering students.

I was very lucky, that I could work together with this very ambitious team from the Gymnasium Ottobrunn: Go Robot. After their participation on the world final in South Africa last year, they continue to amaze. In a very successful pre-competition in Munich and Regensburg, they managed to qualify for the European Final in Hungary on March 19th and 20th.

They told me this (paraphrased):

“You have to work really hard to go to a final. But once you are there, you will learn from the best teams and make new friends from all over the world.”