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The Smart Green Island

… is a laboratory of new ideas with a technology focus. Also, we are especially concerned about education, which is the reason why we put so much effort in organizing events and workshops for both local and international students.

It all started in Grand Canaria, where we want to show how our idea of a sustainable future could look like: smart, green, innovative.


Smart Home

We dream of automatic light adjustment, regulation of the room temperature and choosing custom music based on personalized preferences and your mood detected by new devices. We want to increase the quality of life, the security and efficient use of energy in living spaces. As a result of our visionary achievements, brainstorming and thinking out of the box, we are able to provide adjusted solutions for our customers to help them make their home more sustainable and smart.

Green Energy

Climate change and its direct consequences (e.g. hurricanes, drought) are major threats for humankind. In the future, we need to rethink our way of life and generate green energy from natural resources, e.g. wind, sun, geothermal power and tide energy. Taking Gran Canaria as an example, constant sunshine and strong offshore winds can nearly guarantee full power supply with renewable energy. This helps us with our research on green energy solutions

Smart Mobility

It is about developing new sharing concepts by using smart grid concepts to make its benefits accessible for a larger audience: energy efficiency, low-carbon technologies and affordable mobility. Besides continous research in this field, we have already built a first prototype of a bike sharing system to solve the lack of parking spaces in Las Palmas. With our electric car we want to rise awareness to alternative driving systems. As Gran Canaria is comparatively small everything can be reached within the range of one battery charge. We want to include this energy sources into our Smart Home project to create an energy autarkic system. To power our farming robot we also decided to rely on solar energy which will be used directly or stored in batteries.

Autonomous Driving

The widespread use of autonomous cars will profoundly affect a variety of industry sectors and redefine the automotive world in the next few years. Therefore, Dr. Stetter ITQ has launched a new project in this field here on the Canary Islands. Young, fast and innovative programmers have already started to modify an existing electrical car with the goal to let it drive by itself. Additionally, we are enrolled in a revolutionary leading education program with lectures from well-known universities and famous companies such as Google and Mercedes-Benz. Furthermore, we are organizing a summer camp concerning this topic with real electric cars in September 2017 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Connected Systems

Intelligent, interconnected systems will bring changes in processes, products and business models. Together with our German partner company, we are developing a demonstrator for the world´s leading trade fair for processes and packaging. The demonstrator consists of different modules and shows how the plant of the future could look like.
Via the Internet of Things (IoT), cyber-physical systems communicate and cooperate with each other in realtime, thus leading to a previously unknown production speed for complex products. Within the development process of this IoT demonstrator, we do not only connect things; we are also connected to a lot of different nations from all over the world.

Smart Farming

We try to avoid the use of toxic substances by using smart, modern approaches. Therefore, we use single plant monitoring to discover diseases of our plants, and we perform big data analysis to automatically create recommendations for supporting the plant in its self-healing process. With the approach of smart animal monitoring we are able to predict the state of health of animals and track all relevant data such as weight, colour, age etc. With our technologies, the future farmer will get a compact visualization of all relevant data as well as predictions and recommendations concerning his plants and animals on a website or his mobile device. We believe in shaping a greener world, so we are active in the field of smart farming.


Join our Smart Green Island and shape future innovations together with us!